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Hey, this is MPrascolov with our first installment of “Welcome to the Jungle”.  Just as MPbrusin specializes in tanking, and MPcrag specializes in failing (Just kiddin’ <3), I specialize in jungling.  Why do -I- Jungle?  Whats better than running around undetected by the enemy team and being a constant worry in their minds? As you may have guessed, this section will be dedicated to jungling and all of its various aspects.  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the practice, jungling is the act of running around the jungle (forest area between the lanes), and killing the various neutral monsters within.  Because of this however, your team will have what’s called a “Solo-lane” or lane with just one allied champion in it.  While this may seem bad at first, consider this: The person in the solo lane will gain more experience and gold since he won’t have to be sharing it with a lane partner.  Not only that, but it drastically increases your teams’ chances to pull off successful ganks throughout the early game phase of the match (since the jungler is constantly moving about the map and can strike at any point), but we’ll go into all of that later.

To start, we’ll cover jungling basics. You are going to need to pick a champion who can perform the role well.  There is a wide variety of champions that can jungle, but a few stand out as powerful choices.  These champions include Udyr, Warwick, Nunu, Lee Sin, Nocturne, and Trundle just to name a few.  These champions are all strong jungle choices, mainly because they are able to sustain themselves (not die) while killing jungle creeps effectively.  Now on to the summoner spells you’ll need: they are without a doubt SMITE and (insert anything that’s not revive here).  Smite is used to deal massive damage to monsters in the jungle, and can almost guarantee no one steals your kills from you (aka, the enemy jungler).  The second summoner spell is up to you. Since different spells work better or worse with different champions, go with what you feel comfortable with.

So now you know what jungling is, why it’s awesome, and some champions and summoner spells to use.  Next week we’ll dive a bit deeper into the basics and cover different jungling paths.  This is has been MPrascolov with MobaPro’s…Happy Ganking. =P


Hello and welcome to the article all about the glorious and revered position in a team the is known as the tank. This article will cover everything one can possibly imagine about tanking, from basic tanking skills and common knowledge, to in depth reviews about specific champions and their role as a tank, to more complex strategies one can use in games for tanking. You name it, and it will be covered.

Let me start this wonderful relationship off by describing myself and my experience with tanking.I am Brusin, and I specialize in tanking for LoL.  Sure I can play a right click carry and watch my enemies melt in front of my face, but my face can only take so much smashing. There is a certain joy in walking among the enemy being nigh indestructible while keeping a watchful eye  on the entire battle knowing when to protect and serve the team by causing mayhem and chaos to the other team by peeling the assassin off your carry, while stunning or disrupting their carry so the team can pick up that kill.

Now that the introduction is out of the way, lets discuss something every tank needs to be good at, initiating. Initiating really separates good tanks from the bad. Knowing when to initiate is key to winning a team fight, as well as how to initiate. When assessing whether or not you want to engage a fight look for certain conditions that can tip the fight in your favor. One of these is numbers . Are they down someone, mainly their tank or carry? If you answer yes, it’s a good time to initiate. Positioning is also key. Don’t initiate with your carry standing next to you ready to die the instant the fight begins.  Are you under your tower or theirs? If it is theirs make sure you can take the punishment of the tower for your team. Towers deal physical damage, so it can be mitigated by armor.  Keep a constant  watch on your HP when initiating under their tower. This is generally a bad idea until late game and towers become more or less giant minions with a lot of HP to you. If you start a fight in the jungle, vision is a must. You don’t want to initiate on someone you think is alone or out of position only to have yourself surrounded in an instant by their team.

To break up this wall of text, here’s a kitten with a gun.


So you have the timing and know-how on when to initiate, but how? Many tanks come equipped with their own tools for initiation, some however need some help.  One example of a tank needing some help with initiation is Shen. Now don’t get me wrong, Shen can initiate, but it requires a member of their team to be out of position for his taunt to reach. Other than that, Shen has no gap closer and will be poked to death by the time he reaches their team. Now there are clever ways to initiate with Shen, but we will save that for an in-depth review of Shen as a tank. Other non tank players can initiate fights for the team as well, Ashe can initiate with her arrow causing 3 seconds of stun  ti kill someone in. Shen can use this opportunity to get himself into position for an effective taunt.  Now most other tanks can initiate fine on their own, with  a form of CC and gap closer ability. This concludes the opening of Tanks you’re welcome. Tune in next week for more and until then, get tanked.   -Brusin

MOBA 101: Terminology

Top MIA.  Jungler gank mid. Focus Annie! Why’d you feed Jax? Nerf Garen. Get drag!

If you have no idea what anything I just typed means, this MOBA 101 is for you. Today I’ll be listing and defining the terminology commonly used in public games both ranked and non-ranked, as well as some of the terminology I’ll be using in upcoming articles. Let’s begin:

Top/Bot/Mid – These abbreviations are used to describe the lanes on Summoner’s Rift. Now obviously on Twisted Treeline there will only be a ‘Top’ and ‘Bot’. Here is a picture that better illustrates this:

River – River is a word used to describe the parts of the map that are covered in water. You can see the river portion on the map above as it is represented by blue. River is often used as the most common route to get to other lanes for attacks or defense.

MIA – An abbreviation that tells your team that the enemies in your lane are missing. As in ‘Bot MIA’, which would mean you no longer see anyone in your bottom lane. You should always call MIA if you no longer see them on your screen or mini-map, even if you think they’re just hiding in a nearby bush. This is just to give your team a heads up, in case one of the people you are laning against has teleport or for other reasons along those lines.

Laning – When you level up and kill minions in a lane, instead of being in the jungle.

Jungling – Jungling is when you level up and amass gold from fighting the neutral monsters that are in the wooded parts in between the lanes. Jungling gives your team an advantage of having two people lane by themselves thus making your team overall level up faster and aquire more gold altogether.

Last hitting – Last hitting is when you don’t auto-attack minions in your lane but instead wait until they are just about to die to attack them. When you last hit a minion you get gold, so that’s why this is important.

Gank – To ambush or kill. Usually junglers help gank lanes that are being pushed (which you can learn about the consequences of that in the Battle Training tutorial in-game). If someone calls for a ‘gank’ they want someone to come help out killing the person in their lane.

Feed or Fed – To feed is when you or your teammates die repeatedly to the same champion on the opponents team, giving them kills. When you get kills you get gold, thus making that person get better items faster. The term for someone who has killed a lot of people early on is ‘fed’. For example; if you die repeatedly to the enemy Malzahar in your lane, you are feeding him gold, and he is becoming fed.

Focus – In team fights it’s always good to have a target to kill first. So if you want to communicate to your team who you think you should kill first, say that you should “Focus _____!” Then hopefully your team will help you focus fire them down.

Drag – Short for Dragon, the neutral monster that gives the whole team gold and experience (and a buff if you’re on Twisted Treeline)

Nerf – A term people use to describe when a champion becomes less powerful or should become less powerful through patches from Riot. For example: If they made a new patch that said Lux’s abilities no longer deal damage and her movement speed is reduced to one, she has been nerfed.

Now go reread the top sentence! You should now have some idea as to what I was talking about, despite the fact that really those statements don’t make any sense together! Now take your new found terminology and communicate with your teammates on the Fields of Justice. Communication is the key to winning.

Until next time…

Welcome to MobaPros, a brand-new website devoted to covering everything about League of Legends. As this is the first actual post in a (hopefully) long list of them, I thought I’d take a moment to introduce us (the writers) to you (the readers)! The writers you’ll see around here are MPCrag (that’s me), MPAsil, MPRascolov, MPMeiten and MPBrusin. We all have a long history of gaming, and a desire to share what we’ve learned with the community! As our new site develops, we hope you’ll come to think of us as a reliable source of news and information about League of Legends. Knowing this, we also hope you’ll understand (you will, you look like a smart bunch) that the MOBA is a very unique genre about which to write, due to the mercurial nature of the game and the variety of ways it can be played. There may be things we miss or little slip-ups (we are mostly human), and we invite you to share those with us in a friendly manner in the comments section! Keep in mind that harassment, spam, or general unfriendly behavior will be dealt with swiftly by removal of comments and possible banning, so lets all work together to keep MobaPros a helpful and friendly place! Happy hunting!