Welcome to MobaPros, a brand-new website devoted to covering everything about League of Legends. As this is the first actual post in a (hopefully) long list of them, I thought I’d take a moment to introduce us (the writers) to you (the readers)! The writers you’ll see around here are MPCrag (that’s me), MPAsil, MPRascolov, MPMeiten and MPBrusin. We all have a long history of gaming, and a desire to share what we’ve learned with the community! As our new site develops, we hope you’ll come to think of us as a reliable source of news and information about League of Legends. Knowing this, we also hope you’ll understand (you will, you look like a smart bunch) that the MOBA is a very unique genre about which to write, due to the mercurial nature of the game and the variety of ways it can be played. There may be things we miss or little slip-ups (we are mostly human), and we invite you to share those with us in a friendly manner in the comments section! Keep in mind that harassment, spam, or general unfriendly behavior will be dealt with swiftly by removal of comments and possible banning, so lets all work together to keep MobaPros a helpful and friendly place! Happy hunting!