Hey, this is MPrascolov with our first installment of “Welcome to the Jungle”.  Just as MPbrusin specializes in tanking, and MPcrag specializes in failing (Just kiddin’ <3), I specialize in jungling.  Why do -I- Jungle?  Whats better than running around undetected by the enemy team and being a constant worry in their minds? As you may have guessed, this section will be dedicated to jungling and all of its various aspects.  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the practice, jungling is the act of running around the jungle (forest area between the lanes), and killing the various neutral monsters within.  Because of this however, your team will have what’s called a “Solo-lane” or lane with just one allied champion in it.  While this may seem bad at first, consider this: The person in the solo lane will gain more experience and gold since he won’t have to be sharing it with a lane partner.  Not only that, but it drastically increases your teams’ chances to pull off successful ganks throughout the early game phase of the match (since the jungler is constantly moving about the map and can strike at any point), but we’ll go into all of that later.

To start, we’ll cover jungling basics. You are going to need to pick a champion who can perform the role well.  There is a wide variety of champions that can jungle, but a few stand out as powerful choices.  These champions include Udyr, Warwick, Nunu, Lee Sin, Nocturne, and Trundle just to name a few.  These champions are all strong jungle choices, mainly because they are able to sustain themselves (not die) while killing jungle creeps effectively.  Now on to the summoner spells you’ll need: they are without a doubt SMITE and (insert anything that’s not revive here).  Smite is used to deal massive damage to monsters in the jungle, and can almost guarantee no one steals your kills from you (aka, the enemy jungler).  The second summoner spell is up to you. Since different spells work better or worse with different champions, go with what you feel comfortable with.

So now you know what jungling is, why it’s awesome, and some champions and summoner spells to use.  Next week we’ll dive a bit deeper into the basics and cover different jungling paths.  This is has been MPrascolov with MobaPro’s…Happy Ganking. =P