Hello and welcome to the article all about the glorious and revered position in a team the is known as the tank. This article will cover everything one can possibly imagine about tanking, from basic tanking skills and common knowledge, to in depth reviews about specific champions and their role as a tank, to more complex strategies one can use in games for tanking. You name it, and it will be covered.

Let me start this wonderful relationship off by describing myself and my experience with tanking.I am Brusin, and I specialize in tanking for LoL.  Sure I can play a right click carry and watch my enemies melt in front of my face, but my face can only take so much smashing. There is a certain joy in walking among the enemy being nigh indestructible while keeping a watchful eye  on the entire battle knowing when to protect and serve the team by causing mayhem and chaos to the other team by peeling the assassin off your carry, while stunning or disrupting their carry so the team can pick up that kill.

Now that the introduction is out of the way, lets discuss something every tank needs to be good at, initiating. Initiating really separates good tanks from the bad. Knowing when to initiate is key to winning a team fight, as well as how to initiate. When assessing whether or not you want to engage a fight look for certain conditions that can tip the fight in your favor. One of these is numbers . Are they down someone, mainly their tank or carry? If you answer yes, it’s a good time to initiate. Positioning is also key. Don’t initiate with your carry standing next to you ready to die the instant the fight begins.  Are you under your tower or theirs? If it is theirs make sure you can take the punishment of the tower for your team. Towers deal physical damage, so it can be mitigated by armor.  Keep a constant  watch on your HP when initiating under their tower. This is generally a bad idea until late game and towers become more or less giant minions with a lot of HP to you. If you start a fight in the jungle, vision is a must. You don’t want to initiate on someone you think is alone or out of position only to have yourself surrounded in an instant by their team.

To break up this wall of text, here’s a kitten with a gun.


So you have the timing and know-how on when to initiate, but how? Many tanks come equipped with their own tools for initiation, some however need some help.  One example of a tank needing some help with initiation is Shen. Now don’t get me wrong, Shen can initiate, but it requires a member of their team to be out of position for his taunt to reach. Other than that, Shen has no gap closer and will be poked to death by the time he reaches their team. Now there are clever ways to initiate with Shen, but we will save that for an in-depth review of Shen as a tank. Other non tank players can initiate fights for the team as well, Ashe can initiate with her arrow causing 3 seconds of stun  ti kill someone in. Shen can use this opportunity to get himself into position for an effective taunt.  Now most other tanks can initiate fine on their own, with  a form of CC and gap closer ability. This concludes the opening of Tanks you’re welcome. Tune in next week for more and until then, get tanked.   -Brusin